Toni Bowie

Managing Partner

Toni brings to us over 20 years of training, counseling and advising experience which began on college campuses working with adult and traditional age students, faculty and the leadership.  Toni’s areas of training are vast and include issues of diversity, entrepreneurship, learning styles, relationship building, couple and parenting skills, personal development, leadership skills, communication, family violence and, of course, stress reduction and management.

Clients often say she has a gift of quickly identifying with them and making them feel comfortable and at ease. Toni attributes this to her grandmother who taught her to be non-judgmental and to accept people for who they are and where they are at any given time in their life cycle. As she trains and coaches others, she focuses on this quote by Thomas Edison: “If we do all that we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.”

Toni’s understanding of the causes and effects of stress and the desire to help others get to the root causes of their stress helped to formulate MaxLife, LLC. She believes that once stressors are identified and alleviated or managed in each aspect of our lives, we can excel.  Toni’s work experience includes business ownership; being a director of programs, college dean, recruiter, sales director and trainer; and creating and managing start-up positions.

Toni holds a B.A in communications from Mississippi State University, an M.S. in psychology from Hood College, she holds certifications in Organization Development, Professional Coaching and she is a certified diversity executive.  She and Terry, her husband of over 30 years, are parents of 2 daughters and grandparents to Reagan. Toni’s “military experience” includes being the daughter, wife and mother of active duty personnel.